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Fun with Ground Poles

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Carpe Diem Training offers a unique and challenging clinic for riders of all levels and disciplines. In a Fun with Ground Poles clinic, riders learn to identify training issues and how different pole exercises can help resolve them. Each exercise focuses on developing straightness and balance while controlling tempo with impulsion from behind. All horse and rider partnerships can benefit from ground poles.

Host your own Fun with Ground Poles Clinic at your farm. The clinic consists of 90-minute groups sessions of three to four riders. The cost of this clinic is a day fee of $1500.00 for up to 15 riders. Any additional rider is $100.00 per rider - maximum of 20 riders per day. This cost includes Carpe Diem Training supplying all the poles/cavallettis and mileage up to 100 miles round trip. Additional travel cost may apply. 


Carpe Diem Training also offers "Mini" Ground Pole Sessions. These are private 60 minute sessions that involve creating a specific ground pole exercise for an individual rider catering to their riding needs and goals. The cost is $100.00 per session plus mileage with a minimum of 6 participants. Carpe Diem Training will suppy the poles needed. 

Contact Carpe Diem Training for and questions or to schedule a clinic at your facility


Practice ground pole work at home following Carpe Diem Training's two educational Fun with Ground Poles book. Available on Amazon in both Ebook and hard copy.

Fun with Ground Poles: Beginner Edition

Stepping It Up with Ground Poles

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